Elements, Motion and the Void

I just spent few hours at my new favorite place - the Mall. 

Haha! Just kidding. The Mall is still a vanilla-scented descent into hell, but it had the one thing I really need right now: lots of warm bodies walking around.

The seasonal cold snap has settled in hard, just in time for the holidays, and I needed some source data to help calibrate this algorithm. It's way to cold to sit out on an actual street corner for a couple hours, so to the Mall I went!

Actually, for the sake of this project, it's about perfect. Lots of different people, singly and in groups walking past, plus, different clothing styles that display different thermal signatures. 

The Blob!!!

It turns out blobs are very important to computer vision.

No, not the 50's horror classic starring Steve McQueen, but rather pixel blobs - groupings in an image that share some common feature, such as proximity, color, or a host of other properties. 

I've spend most of this past week learning about a Python library called OpenCV, short for "Open Computer Vision" and it's amazing. 

Within Python it's possible to call all sorts of functions to open an modify virtually any image source (in my case, thermal data being pulled from the Lepton camera).