So Hot Right Now

My mustaches are slightly more cool than the rest of my face.

We have an image! Very exciting progress. My jumbo pack of jump cables showed up on the doorstep today, so I wired up the Lepton camera to the Raspberry Pi, downloaded some software from Github and blammo! We have a working thermal camera!

I didn't have a ton of time to monkey around today because of the holidays, but tomorrow my portable power supply should arrive and it's time to take this baby on the road. I want to do some field tests under different conditions to see how the Lepton responds. (ambient temp, background light, range, motion, crowds, etc.)




The first thing I tried once the camera was working was checking out myself and the wife. This is not really a surprise, but I'm clearly a ball of living fire and she's some sort of ice-goddess. Her fingers, nose and feet barely registered where mine look like blazing swords of divine fire. Go figure. We agreed to test baby Benjamin tomorrow to see if he got the hot-blood genes or the cold-blood genes. 

The other thing I need to think about is the enclosure. Glass is opaque to thermal radiation, so I need something different to keep the moisture out. Various websites have suggested germanium, sapphire and even the plastic wrap from an egg salad sandwich. One of the core ideas for this project is K.I.S.S., so it may end up being the sandwich option. 

Also, it's time to think about the internal camera mount. Bondo? Screws? Expanding foam? Clips?

The other big improvement was getting VNC installed and running on the Raspberry Pi and my iphone. This way I have an easy, portable way to see what's happening on the Pi - this will be important when we start field testing. 

More tomorrow, it's been a long holiday weekend!