Hot Raspberry Pi

It's Raspberry Pi day! I got a nice box in the mail while we were away for Thanksgiving, thanks to the folks over at FLIR. This included a brand new Raspberry Pi 3, a power unit and a Lepton infrared camera

Even though today is Black Friday, I ended up driving around to three different stores trying to find the right jumper wires to connect the Lepton to the Pi, but no luck. I caved in and placed an order for what I need on Amazon and it should come in by Monday.

Still, there was plenty of set up work to do- I spent the rest of the afternoon getting the Raspberry Pi up and running. If you've never seen one before, it's basically a stripped down computer on a single chip, but loaded up with ports for peripheral devices, making it ideal for prototypes and hacking projects. Best of all, the model 3 has a built-in wifi card and ethernet port, so you can even install and set up the software without an external monitor or keyboard. This excellent How-To Guide on really helped me get up and running. It's even easier if you go ahead a plug in a screen and keyboard during the initial set up, but I'm not planning to use any connected display for this project, so this was a good way to learn. 

So for today, we have a Pi running Raspberrian (the operating system) that auto connects to my local wifi router and can be managed via SSH or through Microsoft Remote Desktop (pictured right, running on my macbook. 

That's about as far as I could get without the other parts I'm waiting for in the mail. I'm looking forward to getting the Lepton wired in so I can play around with thermal imaging!